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Candace Carpenter, a bashful social worker comes to find her true calling in a world filled with needless, gratuitous crime. Her hearts compassion shines like a beacon of light towards abused children. At first, crime is forbidden and despised through her eyes, but later it becomes her main attraction. Candace isna€™t your ordinary human, she is Arcturus, the fourth brightest star of the Constellation Bootes. One gloomy night, Arcturus descends from the galaxy to earth and blends in with the humans. After answering her calling, she starts to confront crime with a vengeance. Her killer instincts conflicts with her obligation to save the innocent. She battles with discernment about good versus evil and begins to questions her own motives to help a world that she once saw as troubled and now she too, amongst child abusers and crooks, cana€™t decide which one is she.The table is implanted on a red rug with a runner at the entrance. The two windows were long, and the curtain coverings were elegantly beautiful. She immediately notices which one is Dom from the picture that Max showed her. He is sitting atanbsp;...

Author:Mykisha Mac
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04-17


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