Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics

Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics

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Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics is an introductory text on applied thermodynamics and covers topics ranging from energy and temperature to reversibility and entropy, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and the properties of ideal gases. Standard air cycles and the thermodynamic properties of pure substances are also discussed, together with gas compressors, combustion, and psychrometry. This volume is comprised of 16 chapters and begins with an overview of the concept of energy as well as the macroscopic and molecular approaches to thermodynamics. The following chapters focus on temperature, entropy, and standard air cycles, along with gas compressors, combustion, psychrometry, and the thermodynamic properties of pure substances. Steam and steam engines, internal combustion engines, and refrigeration are also considered. The final chapter is devoted to heat transfer by conduction, radiation, and convection. The transfer of heat energy between fluids flowing through concentric pipes is described. This book will appeal to mechanical engineers and students as well as those interested in applied thermodynamics.From this diagram it is clear that a pure substance can exist in the following phases: solid, liquid, vapoul, solida€“liquid, solid-vapour, liquid-vapour and solida€“ liquid-vapour. 491.69AdR The T-V diagram This is the projection of the p-v- Tsurface onanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Applied Thermodynamics
Author:R. M. Helsdon
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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