Introduction to Aquarian Astrology

Introduction to Aquarian Astrology

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A modern integral astrology, which is found by the author, a contemporary Czech astrologer JAin Kaleta. Aquarian Astrology works with the basic structure of human being, which is defined by the esotericists, and proven by the experience of many researchers of human consciousness. Aquarian Astrology expresses the searching so called 'intention of soul' which is related to the present incarnation. Aquarian Astrology turns the attention of the adept on the long periodal influences of great cycles, especially the Preccesion Cycle of the Earth Axis. It is noticing the individual and transpersonal human experiences but also gives heed to the threshold of the sociocultural and individual experience with regard to rising number of people, who reach it. The author is confirming the empiric research by own astrological praxis through the last years. The work done is fruitful in understanding how the new astrology can work.We will consider the construction of the zodiac to be an archetype model of being . Only such a construction could have meaning because it corresponds to esoteric laws. Moreover, the zodiac in its graphic illustration resembles a human oranbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Aquarian Astrology
Author:Ján Kaleta, Ján Kaleta - 2010-10-06


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