Introduction to Digital Holography

Introduction to Digital Holography

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This Ebook is a collection of comprehensive and cutting edge articles written by leading experts on digital signal and image processing in general, and specifically on digital holography, one of the foremost branches of the image sciences and modern information technology. It covers all the basic aspects of digital synthesis and numerical reconstruction of holograms, beginning from digital holographic transforms, going on to fast numerical algorithms for reconstruction of digitally recorded holograms, and then to computer generated holograms and their applications in hybrid digital-optical image processing and 3D visualization and communication. It also offers a comprehensive review of image digital processing methods most relevant to digital holography. the volume appears at an appropriate time, i.e. while the field of optics is mutating from micro to nano. It is written for researchers, and advanced graduate and PhD students in the field of optics, photonics, electrical engineering and related branches of experimental physics and natural sciences and should prove to be of great value to them.Then, with an advent of digital CCD cameras with pitch of 10-20 mcm, it had become possible to perform direct digitizing optical ... 3.2 a€œOff-axisa€ digital recording of holograms Schematic diagram of a€œoff axisa€ method for electronic recording ofanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Digital Holography
Author:Leonid Yaroslavsky
Publisher:Bentham Science Publishers - 2009-01-01


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