Introduction to Embedded Systems

Introduction to Embedded Systems

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This textbook serves as an introduction to the subject of embedded systems design, using microcontrollers as core components. It develops concepts from the ground up, covering the development of embedded systems technology, architectural and organizational aspects of controllers and systems, processor models, and peripheral devices. Since microprocessor-based embedded systems tightly blend hardware and software components in a single application, the book also introduces the subjects of data representation formats, data operations, and programming styles. The practical component of the book is tailored around the architecture of a widely used Texas Instrumenta€™s microcontroller, the MSP430 and a companion web site offers for download an experimentera€™s kit and lab manual, along with Powerpoint slides and solutions for instructors.With the pointer initialized to the top of the LUT, every time the timer function is triggered, its ISR updates the motor control I/O pins with ... Motorolaa#39;s MC3479 is an example of a simple stepper motor driver, capable of operating a ... The chip also features thermal shut down, short-circuit, and undervoltage lockout protections.

Title:Introduction to Embedded Systems
Author:Manuel Jiménez, Rogelio Palomera, Isidoro Couvertier
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-09-11


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