Introduction to Engineering Programming

Introduction to Engineering Programming

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How do you select the right programming language for the right job? Austin and Chancogne provide students with a collection of four tutorials that cover concepts in modern engineering computations, and engineering programming in Ansi C, Matlab Version 5, and Java 1.1. The text gives practical guidance on selecting the best programming language for a project through a large number of working examples. With the help of these examples, students will learn how to design, write, and execute engineering programs using these programming languages. By incorporating Ansi C, Matlab, and Java into one text, students will quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of each language. They'll do this with the help of the 56 case study programs and 115 programming exercises integrated throughout the book. A small suite of basic engineering problems is also implemented in each of the three programming languages. The four tutorials featured in the book include: * Modern Engineering Computations - covers hardware components in a simple computer, operating systems, networks (including the Internet and World Wide Web), and an overview of programming languages. * C Tutorial - teaches students how to write multi-function C programs. Topics include basic data types, operators and expressions, program control, functions, dynamic memory allocation, and input/output. * Matlab - shows students how to solve simple matrix programs with simple graphics. This tutorial also demonstrates how MATLAB programs can be much shorter than equivalent implementations in C or Java. * Java - explains how Java got started, about object-oriented program design, and how to write Java programs with platform-independent graphical user interfaces that can operate across the Internet.Chapter 3 is a self-contained tutorial that introduces the basic concepts of C via two case study problems. ... of MATLAB by working step by step through the formulation and solution of a variety of engineering applications involving families ofanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Engineering Programming
Author:Mark Austin, David Chancogne
Publisher:Wiley - 1999-02-15


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