Introduction to Management Science W/ Student CD-ROM

Introduction to Management Science W/ Student CD-ROM

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Introduction to Management Science, 2e offers a unique case study approach and integrates the use of Excel. Each chapter includes a case study that is meant to show the students a real and interesting application of the topics addressed in that chapter. This most recent revision has been thoroughly updated to be more a€œuser-friendlya€ and more technologically advanced. These changes include, a completely new chapter on the art of modeling with spreadsheets. This unique chapter goes far beyond anything found in other textbooks and are based on the award winning methodologies used by Mark Hillier in his own course. The technology package has also been greatly enhanced to include, Crystal Ball 2000 (Professional Edition) a Management Science Online Learning Center, and an Excel add-in called Alver Table for performing sensitivity analysis. Crystal Ball is the most popular Excel add-in for computer simulation and includes OptQuest (an optimizer with simulation) as well as a forecasting module. The Management Science Online Learning Center (website) includes several modules that enable students to interactively explore certain management science techniques in depth. Solver Table is an Excel add-in developed by the author to help perform sensitivity analysis systematically, as well as substantially expanded coverage of computer simulation, including Crystal Ball. We now have two chapters on computer simulation instead of one, where the second chapter features the use of Crystal Ball.all.However, after looking at the cash flow projections Ia#39;m not sure the answer is so clear-cut. While we ... When presented with a problem like Evergladea#39;s cash flow problem, the temptation is to jump right in, launch Excel, and start entering a model. ... Even after completing the testing and then FIGURE 3.1 A flow diagram for the general plan-build-test- analyze 3.2 Overview of the Process of Modeling w ithanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Management Science W/ Student CD-ROM
Author:Frederick S. Hillier, Mark S. Hillier
Publisher:McGraw-Hill/Irwin - 2002-11-13


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