Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition

Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition

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Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition provides a bridge between the traditional view of process control and the current, expanded role by blending conventional topics with a broader perspective of more integrated process operation, control, and information systems. Updating and expanding the content of its predecessor, this second edition addresses issues in todaya€™s teaching of process control. Teaching a Learning Principles Presents a concept first followed by an example, allowing students to grasp theoretical concepts in a practical manner Uses the same problem in each chapter, culminating in a complete control design strategy Includes 50 percent more exercises Content Defines the traditional and expanded roles of process control in modern manufacturing Introduces the link between process optimization and process control (optimizing control), including the effect of disturbances on the optimal plant operation, the concepts of steady-state and dynamic backoff as ways to quantify the economic benefits of control, and how to determine an optimal transition policy during a planned production change Incorporates an introduction to the modern architectures of industrial computer control systems with real case studies and applications to pilot-scale operations Discusses the expanded role of process control in modern manufacturing, including model-centric technologies and integrated control systems Integrates data processing/reconciliation and intelligent monitoring in the overall control system architecture Web Resource The booka€™s website offers a user-friendly software environment for interactively studying the examples in the text. The site contains the MATLABAr toolboxes for process control education as well as the main simulation examples from the book. Access the site through the authorsa€™ websites at and Drawing on the authorsa€™ combined 50 years of teaching experiences, this classroom-tested text is designed for chemical engineering students but is also suitable for industrial practitioners who need to understand key concepts of process control and how to implement them. The authors help readers see how traditional process control has evolved into an integrated operational environment used to run modern manufacturing facilities.M Manipulated input, 13, 15, 19 Manual control, 19a€“21 Manual mode, PID, 228 Mathematical model of a process, 43 Measured ... 78a€“81 principle, 59a€“60 process reaction curve (PRC) method, 111a€“118 regression linear, 118a€“119 nonlinear, 120a€“123 role in control ... 317a€“319 multiplicative uncertainty, 317 IMC design with multiplicative uncertainty, 320 robust performance, 321a€“322 robust stability, anbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Process Control, Second Edition
Author:Jose A. Romagnoli, Ahmet Palazoglu
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-02-14


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