Introduction to Software Engineering

Introduction to Software Engineering

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Software engineering lies at the heart of the computer revolution. Software is used in automobiles, airplanes, and many home appliances. As the boundaries between the telecommunications, entertainment, and computer industries continue to blur in multimedia and networking, the need for software will only increase, and software will become increasingly complex. Introduction to Software Engineering gives your students the fundamentals of this growing and rapidly changing field. The book highlights the goals of software engineering, namely to write programs that have all the following attributes: efficient, reliable, usable, modifiable, portable, testable, reusable, maintainable, compatible and correct. The nine chapters cover topics that include project management, defining requirements, software design, coding, testing and integration, delivery and installation, documentation, maintenance, and research issues. The author uses a hybrid approach, combining object-oriented technology and classical programming techniques to solve computing problems. He also places a strong emphasis on Internet technology and resources. A simple, but non-trivial, running example illustrates all stages of the software engineering process. In addition, where applicable, he covers the impact of Internet technology. Introduction to Software Engineering presents the basics of software engineering in a concise and direct format. With emphasis on Internet technology, software tools for programming, and hands-on learning, this book effectively prepares students to move from an educational situation towards applying their knowledge to the complex projects faced in the professional arena. Featuresfunction was to manage data, such as payroll applications, were often represented in a different way, using aquot;data flow diagrams. ... a transformation of input data into output data according to some set of rules might be represented by a rectangular box in a data flow diagram. ... A flowchart will usually connect to another flowchart by having the action or decision box appear both on the initial page where itanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Software Engineering
Author:Ronald J. Leach
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-11-24


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