Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

Introduction to Subsurface Imaging

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Describing and evaluating the basic principles and methods of subsurface sensing and imaging, Introduction to Subsurface Imaging is a clear and comprehensive treatment that links theory to a wide range of real-world applications in medicine, biology, security and geophysical/environmental exploration. It integrates the different sensing techniques (acoustic, electric, electromagnetic, optical, x-ray or particle beams) by unifying the underlying physical and mathematical similarities, and computational and algorithmic methods. Time-domain, spectral and multisensor methods are also covered, whilst all the necessary mathematical, statistical and linear systems tools are given in useful appendices to make the book self-contained. Featuring a logical blend of theory and applications, a wealth of color illustrations, homework problems and numerous case studies, this is suitable for use as both a course text and as a professional reference.Now, replace the similarity transformation with the affine transformation and note the improvement. ... This demo does not provide the complete source code, so, if you prefer, you may obtain source codes from alternate websites (e.g., ... Then, using the matching algorithm provided by Lowe, or otherwise, compute matches for pairs of landmarks (vessel bifurcations) that you select manually. ... Next, use the MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox to mosaic pairs of these projected images.

Title:Introduction to Subsurface Imaging
Author:Bahaa Saleh
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-03-17


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