Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB®

Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB®

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Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLABAr is an introduction to probability and random processes that merges theory with practice. Based on the authora€™s belief that only qhands-onq experience with the material can promote intuitive understanding, the approach is to motivate the need for theory using MATLAB examples, followed by theory and analysis, and finally descriptions of qreal-worldq examples to acquaint the reader with a wide variety of applications. The latter is intended to answer the usual question qWhy do we have to study this?q Other salient features are: *heavy reliance on computer simulation for illustration and student exercises *the incorporation of MATLAB programs and code segments *discussion of discrete random variables followed by continuous random variables to minimize confusion *summary sections at the beginning of each chapter *in-line equation explanations *warnings on common errors and pitfalls *over 750 problems designed to help the reader assimilate and extend the concepts Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLABAr is intended for undergraduate and first-year graduate students in engineering. The practicing engineer as well as others having the appropriate mathematical background will also benefit from this book. About the Author Steven M. Kay is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island and a leading expert in signal processing. He has received the Education Award qfor outstanding contributions in education and in writing scholarly books and texts...q from the IEEE Signal Processing society and has been listed as among the 250 most cited researchers in the world in engineering.and mathematically demanding; and finally, there are a€œcomputera€ problems, which are either computer simulations or involve the application of computers to facilitate analytical solutions. A complete solutions manual for all the problems is anbsp;...

Title:Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB®
Author:Steven Kay
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-03-20


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