Invasive Species Part Two

Invasive Species Part Two

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Larry Mayer is on a diving trip in Florida with his friend Cynthia Morrow when he runs into his friend, Joe Cole. They go with Joe to his house on St. Thomas. While there, Larry and Joe run into Luis Valero, a former CIA agent. Luis tells Larry that Joe has been a mole for the government for much longer than Joe had admitted. A couple weeks after he gets back to Ohio, Larry receives a call from Jackie Dunlap. This call leads to him and Jackie flying to Alexander Bay together. Larry receives several invitations from Melissa Macklin and eventually agrees to lead the divers on the salvage vessel after a diver dies. Larry feels uneasy about the operation, but he finds the wreck and recovers some valuable items. Just when it looks like the diving operation will start to pan out, Larry is sent ashore and fired by the owners. A day later, the federal government stops all salvage work and the diving vessels is docked and the divers and crew sent ashore. Larry returns to Ohio puzzled and tired from the ordeal.They went over the cockpit and the pilota#39;s checklist again. ... It only took a few minutes to tow the Seminole out of the hangar far enough for the gas truck to have access to it. ... checked the master power switch and the other switches indicated on the check list then they went out and did the walk around inspection together.

Title:Invasive Species Part Two
Author:Darlene and Logan Pollock
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-07-21


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