Investigations in Environmental Geology

Investigations in Environmental Geology

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This lab guide helps readers learn to make wise choices for sustainability in a finite, changing, and geologically active world. Eighteen exercises cover many current issues in environmental geology and are introduced in four sections. Earth's Materials, Geologic Time, and Geologic Processes; Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images; Measurements, Basic Calculations and Conversions, and Graphs; Volcanoes, Volcanic Products, and Volcanic Hazards; Hazards of Mount St. Helens; Earthquake Epicenters, Intensities, Risks, Faults, Nonstructural Hazards and Preparation; The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989, and Forecasting Earthquakes in the Bay Region; Landslides and Avalanches; Subsidence; River Floods; Coastal Hazards; Groundwater Hydrology; Water Quality Data and Pollution Sources; Lake and River Contamination from Industrial Waste; Groundwater and Surface Water Contamination from Resource Extraction; Groundwater Overdraft and Saltwater Intrusion; Geology and Regional Planning; Global Change and Sustainability. A hands-on reference for anyone who wants to make more informed choices, and review information critically, about the environment.Introduction to Sustainability: Resource Planning and Global Change | -: alt; : Ap : Prefixes for International System of Units Multiples aamp; Submultiples. c. ... In addition to drawing on what you have learned from your course to this point ( geologic hazards, pollution, geologic and other ... The exponential growth equation is more complicated than this; however, this simplified version works for small percentages.

Title:Investigations in Environmental Geology
Author:Duncan Foley, Garry D. McKenzie, Russell O. Utgard
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2009


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