Investment Options For Teens

Investment Options For Teens

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Investing may sound like a complicated endeavor meant only for adults, but it can be a great way for young people to prepare for the future as well. By learning the basics of investing now, you can use tools like certificates of deposit, savings bonds, and stocks to help your savings grow long before you need this money. Some investments, such as 529s and IRAs, can help you save for specific purposes, like paying for college or buying your first home. If you start investing wisely today, you might even be able to retire years before other people your age.Savings bonds are available in two types: Series EE and Series I. Both start earning interest the rst day of the month in which they are purchased, but the ... If you want to know exactly how much your investment will earn, the EE bond is the way to go. ... If you have older series EE savings bonds, it is important to understand that savings bonds were once sold at half their face value. ... If you use the bond for education, though, there are certain tax advantages that will save you money.

Title:Investment Options For Teens
Author:Tammy Gagne
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2014-09-01


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