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An inspiring look at the hidden stars in every field who perform essential work without recognition In a culture where so many strive for praise and glory, what kind of person finds the greatest reward in anonymous work? Expanding from his acclaimed Atlantic article, qWhat Do Fact-Checkers and Anesthesiologists Have in Common?q David Zweig explores what we can all learn from a modest group he calls qInvisibles.q Their careers require expertise, skill, and dedication, yet they receive little or no public credit. And that's just fine with them. Zweig met with a wide range of Invisibles to discover first hand what motivates them and how they define success and satisfaction. His fascinating subjects include: * a virtuoso cinematographer for major films. * the lead engineer on some of the world's tallest skyscrapers. * a high-end perfume maker. * an elite interpreter at the United Nations. Despite the diversity of their careers, Zweig found that all Invisibles embody the same core traits. And he shows why the rest of us might be more fulfilled if we followed their example. From the Hardcover edition.On the inner lid of each case is a schematic that Plank has drawn for quick reference. Each of ... Akai. Head Rush, EHX Iron Lung Vocoder, Telenordia Kompressor, Telenordia Treble Booster, Crowther Hotcake, Line 6 DL4, EHX Holy Grail,

Author:David Zweig
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-06-12


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