Ion Exchange Membranes

Ion Exchange Membranes

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Fundamental study and industrial application of ion exchange membranes started over half a century ago. Through ongoing research and development, ion exchange membrane technology is now applied to many fields and contributes to the improvement of our standard of living. Ion Exchange Membranes, 2nd edition states the ion exchange membrane technology from the standpoint of fundamentals and applications. It discusses not only various phenomena exhibited by membranes but also their applications in many fields with economical evaluations. This second edition is updated and revised, featuring ten expanded chapters. New to this edition is a computer simulation program of ion-exchange membrane electrodialysis for water desalination that provides a guideline for designing, manufacturing and operating a practical-scale electrodialyzer. Meant to replace experiments, this program will be an important asset to those with time and monetary budgets. New edition features ten revised and expanded chapters, providing the latest developments in ion exchange membrane technology Computer simulation program, accessible through a companion website, provides a guideline for designing, manufacturing and operating practical-scale electrodialyzers Attractive visual presentation, including many figures and diagramsElectrically powered car, 467a€“469 polymer fuel cell system in, 468f Electro- regeneration regime, 394 Electrochemical potential, ... mass transport and water dissociation in, 400f structure of, 397a€“398 Electrodialysis (ED), 255 demineralization of soy sauce, ... 326a€“328 limiting current density, 315 recovery of acid, 275a€“276 of waste water from metal surface treatment process, ... 353a€“ 354 electrodialysis reversal operation, 356a€“358 flow diagram, 349f nitrate and nitrite removal, 354a€“356anbsp;...

Title:Ion Exchange Membranes
Author:Yoshinobu Tanaka
Publisher:Elsevier - 2015-01-19


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