iPad Music

iPad Music

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Just as computer software changed the face of performing and recording over the past decades, Apple's iPadAr tablet has the power to change how you produce music today. Author Mark Jenkins summarizes the iPad tablet's massive potential for music creation, explaining in detail how all iPad models can connect to musically oriented accessories and reviewing the vast range of audio inputs, microphones, MIDI interfaces, music keyboards, drum controllers, and even DJ and karaoke equipment now available. Keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, vocalists, DJs, karaoke singers, and experimental musicians, whether experienced or just starting out, can all benefit from expanding the amazing built-in abilities of the iPad using carefully chosen musical add-ons and accessories. Mark Jenkins explains and reviews the musical potential of iPad-oriented music equipment from dozens of manufacturers, including Akai, Alesis, IK Multimedia, Korg, Line 6, M-Audio, Novation, Roland, TASCAM, and many others. The potential of Android tablets for music creation is also examined. Appendices list in detail the specifications for the iPad interface sockets and include links to Apple's schemes for software and hardware developers.handle System Exclusive messages, which is very odd, and makes it of limited use for various types of synthesizer patch librarian ... Offering slightly fewer facilities than the i/ODock but perhaps avoiding some of its problems and released around ... on the left panel are a stereo minijack headphone output and two MIDI connections a€“ as on the IK Multimedia product, ... but twice as thick a€“ the iU2 offers a lot of possibilities for recording on a laptop or on the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Title:iPad Music
Author:Mark Jenkins
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2012-11-12


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