iPhone for Programmers

iPhone for Programmers

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The professional programmera€™s DEITELAr guide to iPhone app development using iPhone SDK 3.x, XcodeAr, Objective-CAr and CocoaAr More than 1.5 billion iPhone apps were downloaded from Applea€™s App Store in just one year! This book gives you everything youa€™ll need to start developing great iPhone apps quickly anda€“once youa€™ve joined Applea€™s fee-based iPhone Developer Programa€“to get them up and running on the App Store. The book uses an app-driven approacha€“each new technology is discussed in the context of 14 fully tested iPhone apps (7700 lines of code), complete with syntax shading, code walkthroughs and sample outputs. Apps youa€™ll develop include: Welcome Spot-On Game Route Tracker Tip Calculator Cannon Game Slideshow Favorite TwitterAr Searches Painter Voice Recorder Flag Quiz Game Address Book TwitterAr Discount Airfares By Chapter 3 youa€™ll be building apps using XcodeAr, CocoaAr and Interface Builder. Youa€™ll learn object-oriented programming in Objective-CAr and build apps using the latest iPhone 3.x technologies including the Game Kit, iPod library access and more. iPhone for Programmers include practical, example-rich coverage of: a€c iPhone SDK 3.x, XCodeAr, Interface Builder a€c Object-Oriented Programming in Objective-CAr and CocoaAr a€c Collections, GUI, Event Handling a€c Controllers, Application Templates a€c UIView, Multi-Toucha„c a€c Core Audio, Core Animation, NSTimer a€c Tables, UINavigationController a€c Map Kit, Core Location, GPS, Compass a€c Photos, iPod Library Access a€c SerializationAn App-Driven Approach Paul Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Abbey Deitel, Eric Kern, Michael Morgano ... Classes are to objects as blueprints are to housesa€”a class is a a€œplana€ for building an object of the class. ... For example, in an objectoriented design of a bank, the a€œbank tellera€ class needs to relate to other classes, such as anbsp;...

Title:iPhone for Programmers
Author:Paul Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Abbey Deitel, Eric Kern, Michael Morgano
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2009-10-29


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