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Allama Mohammad Iqbal, whom Sarojini Naidu called the a€˜Poet laureate of Asiaa€™, remains a controversial figure in the history of the Indian subcontinent. On the one hand, he is considered the a€˜Spiritual Father of Pakistana€™. On the other, his message of Eastern revivalism places him in the ranks of the twentieth centurya€™s major intellectuals. Iqbala€™s tragedy was that after his death, he was made the national poet of Pakistan and largely ignored in India. In his time, he was lauded as much as Tagore, but today India celebrates Tagore while Iqbal has been banished from her consciousness. This meticulously researched biography will redress that erasure. This is the story of Iqbala€™s evolution as a poet, philosopher and politician. While his role in the struggle for Indiaa€™s freedom and the Pakistan movement are well known, not much is known about his personal life. This book highlights some of the least known facets of the poeta€™s life: how did a nationalist poet transform into a poet of Islamic revivalism and global revolution? How did three years in Europe change Iqbala€™s political and philosophical outlook? Why did he start writing in Persian during his stay in Europe? Why did his first marriage fail and how did his romantic relationships affect him? What exactly was the poeta€™s role in bringing about Partition? Written with the passion of an ardent devotee, Zafar Anjuma€™s Iqbal answers all of these questionsa€”and many morea€”in this carefully told biography.(Iqbal Baapki Haisiyat Sein Allama Iqbala€“Hayat, FikroFan) 7 Later, she became Mrs. Doris Ahmad. ... 9The sixth book ofhis poetry, Gabriela#39;sWing (BaaliJibreel) wasin Urdu and was selfpublished inJanuary 1935 from Lahore.His seventh bookof ... 8Thisentire episode is based on an essay by Dr Javed Iqbal, a#39;Iqbala€”Ek Baap Ki Haisiyat Sea#39; in Allama Iqbal: Hayat, FikroFan, compiled by Dr Saleem Akhtar.

Author:Zafar Anjum
Publisher:Random House India - 2014-10-13


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