Ironclad Cover

Ironclad Cover

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FBI agent Brant Law was on a mission to bring down associates of an international criminal. This was his last case and he was determined to succeed, so teaming up with Anita Caballo, an attractive agent with a desire for justice, made him leery. But when his new partner was shot at and her life nearly cut short, Brant found his quick reflexes matched his desperate need to protect her. As his trust in Anita grew, so did his passion for her intelligence and beauty. Before long Brant wished Anita would shy away from the most challenging operation of his careera€bbecause losing her was more dangerous to his heart than any job he'd ever take on.The waves were pushing the WaveRunner toward the shore, so he grabbed on to it and swam to keep it at a safe distance where they wouldna#39;t be seen, or if they were, their presence ... a€œLooks like the salt aira#39;s gotten to the wiring, a€ Anita said.

Title:Ironclad Cover
Author:Dana Marton
Publisher:Harlequin - 2007-05-01


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