Irony's Edge

Irony's Edge

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The edge of irony, says Linda Hutcheon, is always a social and political edge. Irony depends upon interpretation; it happens in the tricky, unpredictable space between expression and understanding. Irony's Edge is a fascinating, compulsively readable study of the myriad forms and the effects of irony. It sets out, for the first time, a sustained, clear analysis of the theory and the political contexts of irony, using a wide range of references from contemporary culture. Examples extend from Madonna to Wagner, from a clever quip in conversation to a contentious exhibition in a museum. Irony's Edge outlines and then challenges all the major existing theories of irony, providing the most comprehensive and critically challengin theory of irony to date.VitaFinzi, C. (1989a) a€œOmnivorous fantasya€, ReviewofIlPendolo di Foucault, Times Literary Supplement (3 March):225. a€”a€”(1989b)a€œTalestold ... a€”a€”(1990c) a€œ Ozymandias, king of kings: postprocessual radical archaeology as critiquea€, American Antiquity 55, 4:673a€“89. Watzlawick, P. ... a€”a€”(1978) Tropics of Discourse: EssaysinCultural Criticism, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UniversityPress. a€”a€”(1987) Theanbsp;...

Title:Irony's Edge
Author:Linda Hutcheon
Publisher:Routledge - 2003-09-02


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