Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?

Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?

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Jennifer cana€™t believe it. Just married and pregnant, she discovers that her husband has been meeting Brad for sex. When confronted, Tom doesna€™t deny it, but he insists ita€™s just a€œa thinga€ and he isna€™t gay. Elsewhere, Johna€™s wife, Karen, discovers that her husband likes to watch gay porn. John doesna€™t understand his wifea€™s reaction. Why does she care what he watches if hea€™s not unfaithful? In couplea€™s therapy, Karen and Jennifer raise the same questions: Does this mean my husband is gay? Can my marriage survive? These and other stories illustrate the difficulties inherent when a wife or girlfriend finds out her man has had or wants to have sexual contact with other men. But many times, the man is not gay or even bisexual. Of course, some men with gay sexual interests are gay men in a process of self-discovery; they are a€œcoming out.a€ These desires may only reflect a different side of a mana€™s sexuality or some response to childhood trauma or experiences they have not fully processed. Here Joe Kort and Alexander P. Morgan make the distinction between gay men and a€œstraight men with gay interestsa€ clearer to women who want to know how they can overcome these revelations. The authors explain the many reasons why straight men may be drawn to gay sex; how to tell whether a man is gay, straight, or bisexual; and what the various options are for these couples, who can often go on to have very fulfilling marriages. Is My Husband Gay, Straight or Bi? is intended to help couples understand how male sexuality can express itself in ways that may be difficult to understand. Many marriages have been hurriedly terminated when couples (and their therapists) have lacked the information they needed to understand their current situations. This book provides the clarity, describes the choices, and (in many cases) offers hope for relationships and marriages that have been brushed off as doomed.A Guide for Women Concerned about Their Men Joe Kort ... Joel would bliss out imagining his hot wife and her lover. ... He had no idea why imagining his a€œhota€ wife a€œforcinga€ him to watch her have sex with a a€œsuperiora€ man turned him on soanbsp;...

Title:Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?
Author:Joe Kort
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2014-09-11


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