Islam: A Guide for India and the West

Islam: A Guide for India and the West

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The Basics of Islam Seeing that the subject of Islam is complex and controversial, Sri G. Ananda has made great efforts to edit and revise many years worth of writings on Islam, to be most sensitive to the deeply held beliefs of all faiths, seeing how Islam is perceived in a 360 degree angle, across a wide spectrum--of Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. In Islam: A Guide for India and the West, many essential subjects are explained. While many Christians are afraid to see God in the name Allah, you will see how this word is actually more biblical than the word God, as it is found in Hebrew as well as in Arabic, in the same way that Shalom in Hebrew becomes Salaam in Arabic. In this way, many of the beliefs, or Five Pillars, of Islam are very much Jewish in nature, keeping to the same spirit found in the Jewish Bible. For this reason, this book looks at the parallels of history, from Creation to the Flood of Noah, and from the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the Exodus of Moses, to show that the Qura€™an is actually a paraphrase of the Bible, containing all essential stories, and some are told in even more detail. In this book, you will see supernatural evidence, of how the Qura€™an was divinely inspired, and you will also see a heart of conviction for truth, but of compassion for those who do not share Sri G. Anandaa€™s personal beliefs, so that a message of peace and empathy is at the heart of all inter-fatih dialogue, even if it is with Muslims or about Islamic belief, for peace is the purpose of life.However, in June of 2011, TBN refused to air an episode where he criticized Rick Warren for promoting a€œChrislama€, as the ... In a June 8 tweet, Warren said just the opposite: aquot;If you remove the cross from the church, ita#39;s no longer the church.

Title:Islam: A Guide for India and the West
Author:Sri G. Ananda
Publisher:Art of Unity - 2015-02-21


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