Islam's Mandate- a Tribute to Jihad

Islam's Mandate- a Tribute to Jihad

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This work is based on the religion of Islam and the fundamental Muslims who live by Islamic Sharia law and associate themselves with Sunni Islam, or the Shi'a philosophy of the 6th imam. Islam's Mandate separates 80 % of the Muslim ummah (family) who live in Third World countries who cannot read or write from the radical world of Islam, as well as others who continue to associate themselves with the Muslim family, but have strayed from the teachings of Muhammad and are less than Islam's Muslim in their way of life. In the book, the author deals with 1500 year old beliefs of the fundamentalist, Islam's true Muslim. The questions asked and answered are, what is the true nature of Islam, and who are the real Islam Muslims in the mosques who stay hidden behind closed doors. Those who must defend against radical Islam must take them time to understand the Jihadist. It is time America pulls its head out of Muslim sand that is soaked with blood from 1500 years of Islamic aggression, and deals with the reality of what was once an oppressed tribal cult in the Arabian Desert, but is now a dominating, brutal, and repressive theocracy spreading to every corner of this planet.The seventh grade world history textbooks reviewed avoid all conflict and bloodshed in describing Islama#39;s push out of Arabia ... documents the miss- statements, errors, and outright lies perpetuated in the middle school textbook, History Alive!

Title:Islam's Mandate- a Tribute to Jihad
Author:MR Pat (Patrick J. Roelle Sr. ).
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09


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