Islands in the Net

Islands in the Net

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In a near-future new age of corporate control, hacker mercenaries, and electronic terrorism, a public relations executive on the rise finds herself caught in the violent epicenter of a data war Two decades into the twenty-first century, the worlda€™s nations are becoming irrelevant. Corporations are the true global powers, with information the most valuable currency, while the smaller island nations have become sanctuaries for data pirates and terrorists. A globe-trotting PR executive for the large corporate economic democracy Rizome Industries Group, Laura Webster is present when a foreign representative is assassinated on Rizome soil during a conference for offshore data havens. Dispatched immediately on an international mission of diplomacy, Laura hopes she can make a difference in a volatile, unsteady world, but instead finds herself trapped on the front lines of rapidly escalating third-world hostilities and caught up in an inescapable net of conspiracy, terrorism, post-millennial voodoo, and electronic warfare. During the 1980s, science fiction luminary Bruce Sterling envisioned the future . . . and hit it almost dead-on. The author who, along with William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Rudy Rucker, helped create and define the cyberpunk subgenre imagines a world of tomorrow in Islands in the Net that bears a strikinga€”and disturbinga€”resemblance to our present-day information-age reality. Nominated for the Hugo and Locus Awards and winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, Sterlinga€™s extraordinary novel is a gripping, eye-opening, and remarkably prescient science fiction classic.The car was a white Hyundai Luxury Saloon with oneway mirrored windows. Its doors popped open as ... Laura glanced backat the airport as they lefta€”pools of light over a dozen pedicabs and rustriddled manual taxis. The saloona#39;s frigid AC anbsp;...

Title:Islands in the Net
Author:Bruce Sterling
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-12-30


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