Itanium Architecture for Programmers

Itanium Architecture for Programmers

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Step-by-step guide to assembly language for the 64-bit Itanium processors, with extensive examplesDetails of Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC): Instruction set, addressing, register stack engine, predication, I/O, procedure calls, floating-point operations, and moreLearn how to comprehend and optimize open source, Intel, and HP-UX compiler outputUnderstand the full power of 64-bit Itanium EPIC processors qItanium(R) Architecture for Programmers qis a comprehensive introduction to the breakthrough capabilities of the new 64-bit Itanium architecture. Using standard command-line tools and extensive examples, the authors illuminate the Itanium design within the broader context of contemporary computer architecture via a step-by-step investigation of Itanium assembly language. Coverage includes: The potential of Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC)Itanium instruction formats and addressing modesInnovations such as the register stack engine (RSE) and extensive predicationProcedure calls and procedure-calling mechanismsFloating-point operations I/O techniques, from simple debugging to the use of filesOptimization of output from open source, Intel, and HP-UX compilers An essential resource for both computing professionals and students of architecture or assembly language, Itanium Architecture for Programmers includes extensive printed and Web-based references, plus many numeric, essay, and programming exercises for each chapter.... a group is stored at the lowest address, is called big-endian, which has historically been followed by Hewlett-Packard and Motorola. When character ... byte whose value is 0x08. In similar fashion, location Q+l is the address of the byte whose value is 0x09, the unaligned word whose value is 0x0A09, and so forth. The Itanium instruction set uses separate opcodes (Idl, Id2, Id4, Id8) and (stl , st2, st4, st8), anbsp;...

Title:Itanium Architecture for Programmers
Author:James S. Evans, Gregory L. Trimper
Publisher:Prentice Hall Professional - 2003


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