IT MANAGEMENT For Strategic Business Innovation

 IT MANAGEMENT For Strategic Business Innovation

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Resistered Managemnet Consultant IT Coodinator System Analyst l Contents g 1. The outside and the internal environment and the skill to surround IT human resourcesaƒraƒraƒr8 It clarifies the road map and IT skill of IT engineer. The analysis of BSC, SWOT of the needs and IT engineer of the company 1.1 The analysis of BSC, SWOT of the needs and IT engineer of the companyaƒraƒraƒr9 a–nLeta€™s analyze business management ability by the balance scorecard.aƒraƒraƒr9 a–nThe basics of the SWOT analysis for IT engineeraƒraƒraƒr14 1.2 The self-innovation for IT engineeraƒraƒraƒr17 a–nThe self-innovation model who jumps to IT engineeraƒraƒraƒr17 a–nl Case study g Making the road map of the selfaƒraƒraƒr21 1.3 The global standard of the becoming information-orientedaƒraƒraƒr22 a–n JNX of the e-commerce in the automotive industryaƒraƒraƒr22 a–nPMBOKaƒraƒraƒr25 a–nRosetta Netaƒraƒraƒr26 a–nXMLaƒraƒraƒr28 a–nCMM .aƒraƒraƒr31 a–nSeven emerald modelaƒraƒraƒr36 2. Leta€™s explore core competence in the becoming information-oriented process - it understands the basics of the becoming information-oriented process.aƒraƒraƒr52 2.1 The project management abilityaƒraƒraƒr53 a–nThe ideal way of the skill management about the projectaƒraƒraƒr53 a–nl Case study g The ideal way of the skill management about the projectaƒraƒraƒr53 a–nTo improve the productivity of the projectaƒraƒraƒr55 a–nThe mismatch of the project by thoroughgoing of the skill management.aƒraƒraƒr58 a–nSetting the evaluation axis of the projectaƒraƒraƒr63 a–nThe external environment and the evaluation by the viewpoint of the internal environmentaƒraƒraƒr65 2.2 The corresponding competence of the management strategy planning and promotion processaƒraƒraƒr68 a–nThe building of a management strategy and a business modelaƒraƒraƒr68 a–nThe basic knowledge for the management strategy working-outaƒraƒraƒr84 a–nl Case study g The business model which aimed for the whole to be best by the design-data utilizationaƒraƒraƒr88 a–nl Case study g The out-sourcing strategy which aimed to reform physical distributionaƒraƒraƒr91 2.3 The corresponding competence of the becoming information-oriented strategy planning and promotion processaƒraƒraƒr93 a–nThe IT solution strategyaƒraƒraƒr93 a–nIT solution and the managing viewpointaƒraƒraƒr95 a–nThe reviewing of IT investment by the net-present-value lawaƒraƒraƒr98 a–nl Case study g The point of the Web system in the e-commerceaƒraƒraƒr99 a–nl Case study g The attention point in SFA introductionaƒraƒraƒr103 a–nl Case study g The attention point in CTI system introduction which cooperates with SFAaƒraƒraƒr105 a–n l Case study g The point of the data warehouse introductionaƒraƒraƒr108 2.4 The corresponding competence of the systematization promotion processaƒraƒraƒr110 a–n l The case study g The practice of the management requirement by the groupwareaƒraƒraƒr113 a–nLeta€™s understand the technique of the system development.aƒraƒraƒr115 a–nThe test about the all kind approach system development process of the systematizationaƒraƒraƒr120 a–nThe basic point of the system switchgearaƒraƒraƒr124 a–nl Case study g The point of the cooperation of the ERP software package among the systemsaƒraƒraƒr128 2.5 The corresponding competence of the operations management processaƒraƒraƒr130 a–nThe operations management process and the corresponding competence of the systemaƒraƒraƒr130 a–nThe performance and the failure management is the pivot of the operations management.aƒraƒraƒr134 a–nThe mechanism of the soft back-up to have supported a system failureaƒraƒraƒr137 a–nl Case study g The way of thinking of the operations management in ASPaƒraƒraƒr138 3. Leta€™s explores core competence with the ability axis.aƒraƒraƒr139 It clears up the novel IT engineer ability to lead a system to the success. 3.1 The ability axis and the empowerment of IT engineeraƒraƒraƒr140 a–nMaking an ability axis clear and empowerment's approachingaƒraƒraƒr140 3.2 The seven diamond rule of the system-thinkingaƒraƒraƒr144 a–nThe structure and the approach of the system-thinkingaƒraƒraƒr144 a–nLeta€™s think of the phenomenon by structure of the investing, the output ( Rule 1 ).aƒraƒraƒr145 a–nLeta€™s dig up the factor which relates to the phenomenon and making a grouping, the abstraction, its making a number a type ( Rule 2 )aƒraƒraƒr149 a–nLeta€™s see a phenomenon in the front and back of the negative aspect, the plus side ( Rule 3 ).aƒraƒraƒr151 a–nLeta€™s change and it simulates a parameter about the phenomenon ( Rule 4 )aƒraƒraƒr.153 a–nLeta€™s create an image by the illustration and it clarifies a shackle during the phenomenon, the relation of the cooperation ( Rule 5 ).aƒraƒraƒr155 a–nLeta€™s set a basic axis and a type and the simplification, the modeling, its making a phenomenon a deoxyribonucleic acid ( Rule 6 )aƒraƒraƒr156 a–nLeta€™s try the systematizing of the phenomenon, framework building by it ( Rule 7 ).i½yi½yi½y168 3.3 The information control power and the communicationaƒraƒraƒr160 a–nThe point of the communication abilityaƒraƒraƒr160 a–nThe knowledge managementaƒraƒraƒr163 3.4 The team working and the leadershipaƒraƒraƒr165 a–nThe forming of a communication and the show of the ability for the member to haveaƒraƒraƒr165 a–nThe accumulation body and the team working of the knowledgeaƒraƒraƒr167 3.5 The embodiment of the bargaining ability and the client needsaƒraƒraƒr170 a–nThe basic point of the bargaining abilityaƒraƒraƒr170 a–nWhen discipline bargaining abilityaƒraƒraƒr173 4. The practice of the core competenceaƒraƒraƒr175 The master of the operation management and the becoming information-oriented practice power of each field 4.1 BASIC design of the becoming information-oriented and the operation managementaƒraƒraƒr176 a–nBASIC design of the operation managementaƒraƒraƒr176 a–nThe operation management and the organizationaƒraƒraƒr178 4.2 Leta€™s design the operation management of the manufacture management field.aƒraƒraƒr183 a–nLeta€™s master the basics of the production management systemaƒraƒraƒr185 4.3 To design the operation management of the distribution management field aƒraƒraƒr 18i¼— a–nThe basic pattern and the POS system of the e-marketplaceaƒraƒraƒr187 4.4 To design the operation management of the marketing management field .aƒraƒraƒr189 a–nThe operation management of the marketing management systemaƒraƒraƒr189 4.5 Leta€™s design the operation management of the physical distribution management field .aƒraƒraƒr193 a–n3PL(Third Party Logistics) which shows power in the physical distribution fieldi½yi½yi½y193 5. The missionaƒraƒraƒr197 Leta€™s understand the mission of IT engineer. 5.1 The macro and the micro viewpointaƒraƒraƒr198 a–nThe macro about the business process and the micro viewpointaƒraƒraƒr198 a–nThe cash flow management and the becoming information-orientedaƒraƒraƒr202 a–nThe macro about the project management and the micro viewpointaƒraƒraƒr206 5.2 The power of the digital organization and the intangible assetsaƒraƒraƒr208 a–nThe digital organization out of the in-houseaƒraƒraƒr208 a–nThe knowledge management and the intangible assetsaƒraƒraƒr211 a–nThe representative supply chain management of the digital organization (SCM)aƒraƒraƒr213 a–nThe digital organization and the internal controlaƒraƒraƒr215 a–nl Case study g The security securing in case of the Internet procurement?aƒraƒraƒr217 5.3 Becoming information-oriented innovating of business managementaƒraƒraƒr219 a–nBusiness management innovating approachaƒraƒraƒr219 a–nThe show factor and the Web system of the business competitivenessaƒraƒraƒr222 a–nl Case study g The mechanism of the utilization of the information on the customer buying behaviouraƒraƒraƒr224 5.4 The corporate culture and the conflict of the becoming information-orientedaƒraƒraƒr226 a–nThe corporate culture becomes the brake of the becoming information-oriented, too.aƒraƒraƒr226 5.5 The risk management and the becoming information-orientedaƒraƒraƒr229 a–nThe approach by the attack of the patent aƒraƒraƒr229 a–nThe point of security compatibleaƒraƒraƒr233 a–nThe basics of the encryption technologyaƒraƒraƒr237 l Coffee break g: a–nThe ancient Greece philosophy and ITalt; Case study agt; The way of thinking of the operations management in ASP In the introduction of ASP, specifically, the reviewing where the contents of SLA(Service Level Agreement) are enough to do becomes the big point of the introductionanbsp;...

Title: IT MANAGEMENT For Strategic Business Innovation
Publisher:TOM PUBLISHING - 2014-02-10


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