It's a Jetsons World

It's a Jetsons World

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We are surrounded by miracles created in the private sector, particularly in the digital universe, and yet we don't appreciate them enough. Meanwhile, the public sector is systematically wrecking the physical world in sneaky and petty ways that really do matter. The Jetsons world is our world: explosive technological advances, entrenched bourgeois culture, a culture of enterprise that is the very font of the good life. But there is one major difference, and it isn't the flying car, which we might already have were it not for the government's promotion of roads and the central plan that manages transportation. It is this: we also live in the midst of a gigantic leviathan state that seeks to control every aspect of our life to its smallest detail.... 232 intellectual property, 205 law of association, 51, 52 Liberalism, 250, 251 military, 270 Mises Academy software, 49 Mises Blog, 24, 178 Mises Wiki, 3 Mises. ... Peter, 3 time resource, 137 Mises Institute, 50, 105, 112, 197, 200, 245 Mises, Ludwig von, 51, 232, 269, . 36, 112, 164, 181 monopoly see also Against Intellectual Monopoly monopoly see also intellectual monopoly benefit, 192anbsp;...

Title:It's a Jetsons World
Author:Jeffrey Tucker - 2013-10-02


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