It’s a Love Game

It’s a Love Game

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Lizzie Bennington is on the brink of winning her first title in a mixed doubles match at the Boca Raton tournament when Jack Archer, Lizziea€™s competitor across the net, stops play complaining of leg cramps. As she watches the trainera€™s hands move up Jacka€™s muscular loin, Lizzie tries to keep her composure, but she cannot hide her admiration. When Jack catches an unwitting look of prurient pleasure in Lizziea€™s eye, the real game between the plucky, spirited beauty and the reckless, thrill-seeking playboy begins. But Jacka€™s overtures only anger Lizzie. She cana€™t forget the unsportsmanlike stunt that lost her the Boca match. She knows he is a notorious playboy. Whata€™s more, Christina Richter is his partner off the court as well as on it. Still, Lizzie cannot deny her attraction. When she finally gives in, the relationship is threatened not only by Christina but by the number one mena€™s player, Rodolfo Salazar, a volatile sexy Spaniard, who would like nothing better than to cross the net to get to Lizzie before Jack does. Even so, no one stands in the way of Lizzie and Jacka€™s union more than Lizzie and Jack themselves. Only ti me will tell if two players on opposite sides of the net can find love.Ofcourse he would choose a car with manual transmission, she thought, watching his powerful thighs moving back and forth as he let out the clutch and put his foot on the gas. Why couldna#39;t he wear those pirate pants that the Argentineananbsp;...

Title:It’s a Love Game
Author:A.G. Starling
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-17


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