"It's All B.S.Kid. Don't Worry About It"

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It wasna€™t easy having to say good-bye to my wife and daughters at the airport. If I may paraphrase a master Spanish poet, a€œToda la vida es sueno, y los suenos, suenos son.a€ a€œAll life is a dream and a dream is only a dream.a€ I was beginning a journey that would take me to three continents, not knowing that this journey would cost me my soul and everything I held dear. I put my job ahead of everything in my life and in doing so lost myself in the all-consuming job of drug enforcement. As a reward for relatively low pay and long hours, I lost my true identity and got lost in my work. I no longer was little Johnny from San Antonio or Special Agent Faz, but aka Johnny Rosa, aka Ben Cruz, aka Jesse Garcia and many other assumed identities whose life I led. I was no longer in charge of my life. The undercover situation, the many drug kingpins, the lifestyle of a narcotics gangster dictated who I was or what I did. I literally became a€œone of them.a€A particular industrialist was found to be causing his countrya#39;s economy to fluctuate by his high volume buying and selling on the international stock market thereby destabilizing the Dominican economy. The President had told his generals thatanbsp;...

Title:"It's All B.S.Kid. Don't Worry About It"
Author:George Faz
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-04-26


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