Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

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Bob Heggie is a banker at the end of a dead end career. He hates his job, his boss, his life. His wife has left him. He hardly knows his kids and his closest friend is a down and out newspaper seller and they're not really close. In the early mornings he wanders the moors of Northern England with a pair of dogs he doesn't like, listening to Bob Dylan sing about a great bank robbery on his iPod. The Jack of Hearts in that song is the kind of man Bob imagines himself to be, but he knows he'll always be just plain old boring Bob Heggie Then one morning he is nearly killed in an armed robbery and he starts to think. If he were to steal the bank's money, he'd come up with a better way. But would he survive to spend his ill gotten gains?... Armani or Hugo Boss But Vicky did his shopping, shea#39;d told him so Mackenzie was a right cheap bastard Any lunches or ... on the odd occasion he went out for a drink with the staff, Bob couldna#39;t remember him once buying a round without asking for a ... oak-panelled door at the end of a long corridor They went into the Mackenziesa#39; very personal environment and Bob ... sex toys lying on the bed and perhaps a firemana#39;s uniform hanging on a wardrobe Mackenzie dressing up to please.

Title:Jack of Hearts
Author:Ken Scott
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2015-07-24


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