Jailhouse Armageddon

Jailhouse Armageddon

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(Jailhouse) Armageddon, Biblicaly is a battleground as is this story. An exciting ongoing saga of conflict, deep Love, adventure, corruption, and brutality. The characters all so human you feel you're in their skin. Though guilty of heinous crimes there's a part of you that wants to embrace them because they live like we all do leaving footprints in the sand, minds drifting in the Stars, hearts beating wildly in our chests! It starts with Vito, his lunch constantly stolen at school by Big Dickie the biggest, baddest Bully that ever groped a girl and molested many others. Vito had enough and saw to it Dickie needed to leave Planet Earth. So he arranged for his journey, through an unusual construction accident where a section of a building fell on him! ...Vito continued to make his mark in life by easily segueing into the good graces of the Mafia and earning a position as a Soldier in the Mob. Being good friends with Jimi, son of The Capo Mario Biancci couldn't hurt either. Mario also enjoyed a quick rise to fame after doing his bit in the Vietnam War, in which he was decorated and made Sargent. This an open Sesame into the Mob and later becoming a Capo!... Events quickly moved along now with Jimi and Vito whacking a bad-assed snitch Louis-Ice-The Iceman, who accidentally died from 4 gunshot wounds from 2 guns. This was thought to be a perfect crime however unknown to them an Irish, bag lady, Molly Malone who lived in the alley that mercy killing was committed, helped the Law by ID-ing the two and so off they went to their new Digs at Greenhaven Prison for 25 yrs. This causes Mario to develop a severe case of agita, who then refers to the Bible and the Book of Revelations, to create, on Mother Earth his very own successful, Bloody, Bombastic Armageddon. Breaking Into Greenhaven Prison only to Break Jimi and Vito Out of it! With the aid of Barney who for a price provided the Paramilitaries, 3 Huey Choppers, lots of heavy weapons and trucks. While Miguel a Columbian War Lord the super-modern-expensive submarine that successfully conducted them to safety in Columbia and a new line of work Drug dealing with a hybrid very expensive Hydroponic Marijuana. Years later returning surreptitiously to the to the States with new faces and ID's. Where they built a business under the subterfuge of a Health Food Supplier. In reality a cover for their secretive merchandising of an expensive super brand of Hydroponic Marijuana, 'ColBud.' A few years later busted again their true ID's being outed. It's off they go to Sing Sing Prison for life. Now it's up to his wife Celeste to raise the kids and Millie, Vito's girlfriend and soon to be married in Jail wife. Which helps to bring the Mafia around to a new sanitized way of doing business and incidentally a good legal way to Launder Money by being involved with selling to the ladies in lines such as lingerie at Veronicas Secrets, and other money making honest schemes to garbage, recycling , waste removal etc. And Oh yes the Mafia's Glass Ceiling now shattered as Millie becomes the very First Godmother I.(Jailhouse) Armageddon, Biblicaly is a battleground as is this story.

Title:Jailhouse Armageddon
Author:Mr Nicholas Edmund Conti
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2013-05


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