Japanese Miniature Electronic Components Data 1966—7

Japanese Miniature Electronic Components Data 1966—7

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Japanese Miniature Electronic Components Data 1966-7 presents information pertinent to miniature components that are available from the Japanese electronics industry. This book focuses on the smaller types of component, specifically those suitable for use with transistorized equipment. This text provides information regarding the AF Packits products, which are of advanced design to allow for a progressive conversion to the use of transistors in audio circuits. Some of the companies featured in this book include Alps Elctronic Co. Ltd., Chuomusen Co. Ltd., Fujitsu Limited, Mikasa Electric Works Co. Ltd., Nippon Communication Industrial Co. Ltd., Sankyo Onki Co. Ltd., Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd., and Pioneer Electric Corporation. A detailed description of various television parts is provided in tabular format. This book is a valuable resource for readers who want to acquire further knowledge of miniature electronics available from Japanese sources. Engineers and technicians will also find this book extremely useful.Ac 1, 000v S-N 0111 | 1 P Fuse Holder w/o cap, brown 36.5 | 1.4 - 7.5 | 9.5 || 3.4% - as a€“ - A/ - S-N 0114|| 1 P Fuse Holder w/ cap 41 16 a€“ 7.5 9 3.4% ... aquot;a a€“ - /* a€“ S-N 1009] Micro Fuse Holder 15 9 12 7 | 12.5 2A 250V -- // a€“ AC 1, 000V S-N 1101| In-line Fuse Helder, bakelite 19.5 53 - 39.5 || a€“ 10A 125V. ... Fuses and fuseholders.

Title:Japanese Miniature Electronic Components Data 1966—7
Author:G.W.A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-02


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