Japan's Cultural Code Words

Japan's Cultural Code Words

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Westerners have traditionally been intrigued by Japanese attitudes and behaviors which have been perceived as ranging from cute, quaint, and seductive to strange and sometimes savage. The traditional dual character of the Japanese is generally attributed to cultural conditioninga#8212strict conformity to standards set by the ruling powers and to sanctified customa#8212at the expense of individuality and personal freedom. Since World War II, the traditional conditioning and orientation of the Japanese has diminished and continuing influence from the West has wrought fundamental changes in the attitudes and behavior of the Japanese. Nevertheless, Japan's traditional culture is still so powerful that it continues to be the prevailing force in molding and tuning the national character of the Japanese, with the result that they still have two facesa#8212one modern and rational, the other traditional and emotional. The best and fastest way to an understanding of the traditional and emotional side of Japanese attitudes and behavior is through their qbusiness and cultural code wordsqa#8212key terms that reveal, in depth, their psychology and philosophy. In 234 essays, arranged alphabetically from qAgeashi / Tripping on Your Own Tongueq to qZenrei / Breaking the Molds of the Pastq, old Japan hand Boye Lafayette De Mente offers personal insights into the extremes of Japanese behavior and into the dynamics of one of the world's most fascinating societies.Key Terms That Explain the Attitudes and Behavior of the Japanese Boye De Mente ... The kanban systemwas pioneered in the 1920s by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, the predecessor of Toyota Motor ... Inits older use, kanban refersto the nameof a company aswell as toits product brands.

Title:Japan's Cultural Code Words
Author:Boye De Mente
Publisher:Tuttle Publishing - 2011-07-12


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