Java Design Patterns

Java Design Patterns

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Java developers know that design patterns offer powerful productivity benefits but few books have been specific enough to address their programming challenges. With qJava Design Patternsq, there's finally a hands-on guide focused specifically on real-world Java development. The book covers three main categories of design patterns--creational, structural, and behavioral--and the example programs and useful variations can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM.Border objects, Java, 108-109 Bridge pattern, 83-89 CD-ROM program for, 89 compared with Adapter pattern, 83 consequences of, 88 extending or changing, 86-87 Java Beans as, 87-88 overview of, 83-85 structural patterns and, 69 summary of, 137 UML diagram of, 85-86 Builder ... 151-152 consequences of, 153 help system example, 148-151 Java examples, 152-153 kinds of requests and, 152 listanbsp;...

Title:Java Design Patterns
Author:James William Cooper
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2000


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