Java For Dummies

Java For Dummies

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As if the World Wide Web isna€™t reason enough to do cartwheels down the street, the globe is now ablaze with the fire of a different flavor: Java a€“ a fresh blend of technologies that bring the Web to life with dazzling animation, pulse-pounding sound, and full-blown interactivity, the likes of which the online community has never seen. One of the wonderful things about Java is its universal appeal; all Web surfers can add a dash or two of Java to their Web pages, bringing their Web sites to life with little effort. And even if youa€™ve never seen Java in action before, youa€™re going to be just fine with Java For Dummies, 3rd Edition at your side. Assuming that youa€™re comfortable using your computer, youa€™re soon likely to find yourself surfing the seas of Java on the World Wide Web, creating your very own Java-powered pages, and hooking up Java applications on your desktop computer. If you want, you can read this book from front to back. But each part of Java For Dummies, 3rd Edition stands on its own. You'll uncover information about Exactly why everyone on the Web seems to be scrambling for a taste of Java How to use the Java applets When to customize the applets to fit your needs How Java desktop applications differ from their Web-oriented applet counterparts What to do to make some nifty, kick-butt Java applications for your desktop How to overcome the top Java snafus Java For Dummies offers everything you need to know to inject your pages and desktop with the appropriate flavor of Java. As icing on the cake (or cream in your coffee, if you prefer), you'll discover the best places on the Web to satisfy the constant Java cravings youa€™re sure to get. Brace yourself a€“ you stand a good chance of becoming a serious Java addict.Read the documentation that came with your application to find out exactly how ( or even if) the application may be dynamically updated. * Manual updates. Although some Java applications are capable of dynamically updating themselves, others require you to manually visit an ... Once there you can download an update utility, which is much like an installer, except that it contains only the files needed toanbsp;...

Title:Java For Dummies
Author:Aaron E. Walsh
Publisher:For Dummies - 1998-09-29


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