Java Web Services: Up and Running

Java Web Services: Up and Running

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Learn how to develop REST-style and SOAP-based web services and clients with this quick and thorough introduction. This hands-on book delivers a clear, pragmatic approach to web services by providing an architectural overview, complete working code examples, and short yet precise instructions for compiling, deploying, and executing them. Youa€™ll learn how to write services from scratch and integrate existing services into your Java applications. With greater emphasis on REST-style services, this second edition covers HttpServlet, Restlet, and JAX-RS APIs; jQuery clients against REST-style services; and JAX-WS for SOAP-based services. Code samples include an Apache Ant script that compiles, packages, and deploys web services. Learn differences and similarities between REST-style and SOAP-based services Program and deliver RESTful web services, using Java APIs and implementations Explore RESTful web service clients written in Java, JavaScript, and Perl Write SOAP-based web services with an emphasis on the application level Examine the handler and transport levels in SOAP-based messaging Learn wire-level security in HTTP(S), users/roles security, and WS-Security Use a Java Application Server (JAS) as an alternative to a standalone web serverSOAP messaging architecture, 185 transport level access, 224 SOAP-based web services asynchronous clients against, 179 basics ... 292 Tomcat web server as lAS web container, 292 basics of, 30 HTTPS security for, 254 one-sided authentication challenge in, 237 ... of signatures, 211, 237 VeriSign, 237 views, 293 W WADL (Web Application Description Language) documents, 126a€”132 Apache CXFanbsp;...

Title:Java Web Services: Up and Running
Author:Martin Kalin
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2013-08-27


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