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When a new case is allocated to case worker Maya Johansen, she perceives it to be a normal straight forward case. But this is far from the truth... An old leather bound diary she receives as part of the case reveals strange confusing entries each entry stranger than the last, that takes her deeper into the world of the Jacob's Clan, a satanic cult. In unravelling the twisted stories behind the case Maya has now found herself face to face with an evil beyond evil and find as the case suddenly becomes her...I sighed as I popped my apple and yoghurt into my satchel and grabbed my keys. I switched off the hallway lights and closed the door behind me and made my way to my car. I flung my satchel on the passenger seat beside me, plugged in my IPod and selected my favourite tracks. a€œShit, a€ I mumbled under my breath as I anbsp;...

Author:T. Connie Rae
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-06-12


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