Jesus and The Time Travelers

Jesus and The Time Travelers

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qDavid Solomon, an M.I.T. Professor, has perfected his dream of a Time Machine and ponders either going backward or forward in time. He is deeply concerned about the social ills throughout the world. He finally decides to transport a charismatic leader to the year 2010 without altering the written course of history. He will bring Jesus of Nazareth to the 21st Century with the help of two Harvard University Graduate Students, Brian Soranno and Martha Valdez. Martha and Brian travel back in time to the year 29 AD during the biblical days, and are tasked to find Jesus, and persuade him to visit mankind in the year 2010. Jesus meets the Pope and delivers a message from inside Vatican City to the clergy of the Catholic Church and also to the people of the world. History is made in the 21st Century, and becomes part of mankind's legacy for future descendants. If you invented a Time Machine, what would you use it for?qYou can load your software into Eve and test for any bugs in the application. How were you able to complete it so fast?a€ a€œI used a scanner to load all my star maps into one database. I then created another database for the longitude and latitude anbsp;...

Title:Jesus and The Time Travelers
Author:R.J. Mason
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2012-01-16


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