Jesus and the Ways of Socrates

Jesus and the Ways of Socrates

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Socrates and Jesus are the most eminent teachers in history--yet they never wrote books. What they did do was ask simple, profound questions that were easy to understand, ensuring their audience would remember and ultimately learn from the discussion. Jesus and the Ways of Socrates delves into the similar teaching styles of Socrates and Jesus, and shows how their manner of communication became an indispensable educational tool. Dr. William T. Iverson, sociologist and theologian, takes an in-depth look at how discipleship--communicating with a small group and asking thoughtful questions--was the most effective means for Jesus to communicate the Gospel and for Socrates to impart his wisdom. Dr. Iverson dissects the Socratic method and offers convincing evidence that this is the type of education needed in teaching theology today, whether in schools, churches, or discussion groups. He also explores the philosophical underpinnings of Socrates and Jesus, addresses the importance of a well-read populace, and examines the method of discipleship in the city, the church, and in teaching the humanities. Jesus and the Ways of Socrates sheds light on how education remains a fundamental component of Christian ministry. I have known Bill for many years, and I can say that experiential is his lifestyle. As a pastor, professor, seminary dean, city missionary, street preacher, church planter, coach and father, he has ministered on this wavelength for more than fifty years. I can learn much from such a man, and I expect others can, too. That is why it is a joy to commend this book to you. --Robert Coleman, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Author of the qThe Master Plan for EvangelismqGood education must have the tutorials, which may be with one pupil or a very few. What is possible in either case is to deal ... the tutorial the student brings his essay. The informal essay is a relatively short literary composition, dealing withanbsp;...

Title:Jesus and the Ways of Socrates
Author:William T. Iverson
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-09


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