Jesus' Rapture is Coming Soon!

Jesus' Rapture is Coming Soon!

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RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY The Lord Jesus said there will be signs at the End Time. No one knows the exact day or hour, but there are many redflag and discernable indications that time truly is drawing nigh. The book, Jesusa€™ Rapture Is Coming Soon lists many of the moral, political, scientific, and environmental events taking shape today that clearly validates the very signs Jesus prophesied. Those who have eyes that see and ears that hear have the spiritual awareness to prepare for this apocalypse as foretold in the Book of Revelation. Many say, a€œIta€™s been thousands of years since Jesus spoke of the End-Time signs. Little do they know that a thousand years of man is only one day of the Lorda€™s time. To break it down even further, one second of the Lorda€™s time is equal to 4.22 days of the human clock. Our life here on earth is like a blade of grass. We can be stepped upon by a multitude of death-like situations. Being prepared to meet thy maker is second to nothing in the world. Knowing some of the signs of the End Time and becoming close to the Lord Jesus brings His peace, joy and assurance in onea€™s life here and the hereafter. In conclusion, no one knows the day or hour of his or her own life on earth. Would it not be wise to mentally and spiritually prepare your heart, mind, soul and spirit for the possible now --- as well as for the End Time.For example, the eighteen computer code numbers are 666 + 110 (which is the code for the United States) ... other three digits for other countries) + three-digit phone area code + Social Security number (or prescribed digits for other countries)anbsp;...

Title:Jesus' Rapture is Coming Soon!
Author:William Loyal Warren
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06-08


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