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Jody, like Lisa and Holly, has extremely well developed ESP powers. This allows her to levitate herself (flying sounds much better), speak to the others mind to mind a€“ telepathy a€“ and more. Their powers grow almost by the day, they discover more and more things they didna€™t know they could do a€“ until now. The three girls call themselves the Angels and spend most of their spare time when not at school (and sometimes when thata€™s where they should be) using their powers to fix things for people such as the Ministry of Defence. Want a broken nuclear submarine fixing? Call for the Angels. Want a member of the Royal Family protecting? Call for the Angels. This part of the saga is told by Jody herself, taking over from Lisa in the writing things down department.a€œFuse box and wiring?a€ a€œAhh. Cana#39;t get actually to that, to the back of it at least.a€ a€œ Then thata#39;s bound to ... Hea#39;d been reading the workshop manual and now sohad I ! My a#39;copya#39; of the wiring diagram saidthird fuse fromthe left. Icould a#39;feela#39; the littleanbsp;...

Author:Ian Berry
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2014-06-17


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