Johburg to London a Journey

Johburg to London a Journey

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This is an account of growing up in the Bertrams and Doornfontien districts of Johannesburg during the nineteen forties an area that been settled mainly by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Living in close proximity, in the equivalent of council houses were groups of White Afrikaners. Among the Afrikaners were many Nazi sympathisers, hence within the district there was a triangle of racialism between the Afrikaners, the Blacks and the Jews. Post school years were spent working on farms in the Eastern Transvaal. The second part is a description of living in London from 1954 until 1960 followed by a description of a hitch-hiking trip across Europe and a visit to Israel.Another major difference was the number of people of Asian (mainly Indian) origin to be seen everywhere. The Indians in the Transvaal tended be shopkeepers and in very specific types of business. You never saw an Asian manual labourer.

Title:Johburg to London a Journey
Author:Jack Chernin - 2007-02-01


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