Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad's fictional account of a journey up the Congo river in 1890, raises important questions about colonialism and narrative theory. This casebook contains materials relevant to a deeper understanding of the origins and reception of this controversial text, including Conrad's own story qAn Outpost of Progress, q together with a little-known memoir by one of Conrad's oldest English friends, a brief history of the Congo Free State by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and a parody of Conrad by Max Beerbohm. A wide range of theoretical approaches are also represented, examining Conrad's text in terms of cultural, historical, textual, stylistic, narratological, post-colonial, feminist, and reader-response criticism. The volume concludes with an interview in which Conrad compares his adventures on the Congo with Mark Twain's experiences as a Mississippi pilot.Narratological Parallels in Joseph Conrada#39;s Heart of Darkness and Francis Ford Coppolaa#39;s Apocalypse Now LINDA ... wonderfully en- tangled by a narrative within a narrative, a flashback within a flashback, a series of quotes within quotes .

Title:Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Author:Gene M. Moore
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2004


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