Journal of a Living Experiment

Journal of a Living Experiment

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Intended to celebrate the first 10 years of Teachers and Writers Collaborative (the original organization which sent poets, novelists, and other artists into the schools on a regular basis), this book contains 29 articles, diaries, letters, manifestos, graphics, and memoirs. The book contains the following articles: (1) qRoots and Originsq (P. Lopate); (2) qInterview with Herbert Kohlq (H. Kohl and P. Lopate); (3) qJournal of a Living Experimentq (A. Sexton); (4) qSome Impressions Recorded as a Participant-Observer in the Summer Experimental Program in Deaf Educationq (D. Henderson); (5) qThe Use of Arts in the Education of Children Who Are Deafq (K. Kennerly); (6) qInterview with Karen Kennerlyq (K. Kennerly and P. Lopate); (7) qA Fableq (M. Rukeyser); (8) qIssues of Languageq (P. Lopate); (9) q'The Voice of the Children' Diariesq (J. Jordan); (10) qDreamsq (J. Baumbach); (11) qA Class Novelq (L. Jenkin); (12) qA Grave for My Eyesq (A. Berger); (13) qAttitude toward Teachers and the Schoolsq (P. Lopate); (14) qWorking on the Teamq (K. Hubert); (15) qLuis, A True Storyq (M. Willis); (16) qSo Far Awayq (T. Mack); (17) qTeachers and Writers and Meq (H. Brown); (18) qCombining Art and Danceq (S. Sandoval); (19) qDrawingq (R. Sievert); (20) qTeaching Art: Examining the Creative Processq (B. Siegel); (21) qAdministering the Programq (P. Lopate); (22) qTwo and a Half Yearsq (M. Hoffman); (23) qInterview with Kenneth Kochq (K. Koch and P. Lopate); (24) qNine Years under the Masthead of Teachers and Writersq (R. Padgett); (25) qLatin Nostalgiaq (M. Ortiz); (26) qDon't Just Sit There, Createq (W. Brown); (27) qA Love Letter to My Churchq (D. Cheifetz); (28) qPausing, and Looking Backq (A. Ziegler); and (29) qConclusionq (P. Lopate). (SR)A Documentary History of the First Ten Years of Teachers and Writers Collaborative Phillip Lopate. Their disregard ... if I said it again? Damn!aquot; Again there was giggling and taunts, although this time a bit more subdued. aquot;Still funny? Okay, damn damn!aquot; ... I have already said goodbye to two of my three classes. ... I shut out the lights in the classroom and ask the kids to visualize the poem as I read it to them.

Title:Journal of a Living Experiment
Author:Phillip Lopate
Publisher:Teachers & Writers - 1979


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