Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

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ARTICLES IN VOLUME 2 (2013) a€˜The High Courta€™s Attack on Federalisma€™, By Tim Andrews; a€˜The Constitutionality of Fiat Paper Money in Australia: Fidelity or Convenience?a€™, By Andrew Dahdal; a€˜Taking a Little off the Top: How Henry VIII and Edward VI Destroyed the Value of Englanda€™s Currencya€™ By Marcus M. Witcher a€˜Free Markets, Competition and Medical Practicea€™ By Brian Bedkober a€˜A Strategy for the Fourth Estate in a World Engulfed by Narrativea€™ By Vinay Kolhatkar a€˜Departurism Redeemed a€“ A Response to Walter Blocka€™s a€˜Evictionism is Libertarian; Departurism is Not: Critical Comment on Parra€™ By Sean Parr a€˜Rejoinder to Parr on Evictionism and Departurisma€™ By Walter Block BOOK REVIEWS The Harm in Hate Speech By David Gordon Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles and Busts By Vinay Kolhatkar Beyond Democracy By Sukrit Sabhlok; Against Intellectual Monopoly, By Jeffrey Tucker; Betrayal of the American Right, By Andrew Dahdal.... that drove the establishment of the fiat paper money system in Australia can also be understood through an examination ... the financial Statea€“capitalist status quo means that the paper money question is largely ignored rather than engaged .

Title:Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom
Author:Tim Andrews, Sukrit Sabhlok, Andrew Dahdal
Publisher:Createspace Publishing - 2013-12-31


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