Journal of the Fortean Research Center Paperbound

Journal of the Fortean Research Center Paperbound

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The Fortean Research Center was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982. During the two decades of its existence, this volunteer group of researchers and investigators delved deep into the unexplained. Exploring events in Nebraska - and far beyond -that included ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot encounters, animal mutilations, government cover-ups, alleged alien abductions, psychic phenomena, cult activity, and even a sighting of a blob-like mystery creature the Fortean Research Center became recognized among members of the Fortean, paranormal, and UFO research communities around the world, as a reliable and trusted source of information. Here is the entire collection of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center, 23 issues in all. These publications are a reflection of their time, and demonstrate in many cases the beginning steps into subjects familiar to the public today: alleged UFO crashes and landings at government installations, alien abductions, cryptozoology and more.n1. . -a#39;i l, . .. - oi his when he was on his we home iron his television repair shop, the ... It: not to he a#39; a#39; ._a#39; lg...aquot; G.a€œ a#39; _ a#39;btrlbulid mil-Me your Ilaaquot;! . aquot; a#39; r 2 In . a#39; 4 .1 H9 JAN 20 8:7 z . TRUE COPY a#39; a#39; 3 a#39;May 14, 1969. *a#39;Yha€” . D D a#39; orig; 3i. {.- .1a#39; useanbsp;...

Title:Journal of the Fortean Research Center Paperbound
Author:Ray Boeche - 2012-07-01


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