Judging Joshua

Judging Joshua

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Listen To Your Heart Joshua Pierce came home to Silver Creek with a little girl, a lot of heartache and every intention of picking up his life in the big city the moment his bedridden father takes back the small-town sheriff s uniform. Then he pulls over Riley Shaw and his life is forever changed. Riley's alibi sounds fishy, but as Joshua investigates the reason she's driving an allegedly stolen car, he finds he's losing himself in her room-brightening smile and generous heart. And when she makes an impression on his daughter, Joshua begins to wonder if Riley's the real reason he's found himself back in Silver Creeka€b.The logical place to start is the owner.a€ a€œAn insurance scam?a€ a€œCould be. The cara#39;s worth a lot of money. And if hea#39;s got financial problems, who knows?a€ a€œOkay, youa#39;ve got it. Anything else?a€ a€œJust get all you can on everyone involved, includinganbsp;...

Title:Judging Joshua
Author:Mary Anne Wilson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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