Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2

Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2

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Sixth grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly climbing his way back up the ladder of popularity. Increasingly settled in his new school and with a great new best friend, Michael, everything seems to be going okay for Jake. Until Jake's beloved teacher, Mrs. Pilsner, has a baby and the students in Jake's homeroom are handed off to the super-scary substitute, Ms. Cane. Rather than teach through traditional methods, Ms. Cane decides to have these go-getters help her with a fledgling pet-grooming company. Dogs, cats, and more get bathed, popularity struggles become boardroom struggles, and Jake's friendship with Michael is tested. Even Jake's diabolical sister, Alexis, gets in on the puppy-cleaning action and hilarity ensues. But will Jake's brand of AWESOMENESS be enough to clean up this furry mess?We go into production next week and will air next fall, Tuesday nights, after Pampered Pageant Princess from Piscataway. a€œThanks again, everyone. ... a€œ WHAT THE . . . a MacBook Pro with a solarpowered charger. Are you KIDDING me!

Title:Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2
Author:Jake Marcionette
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-03-31


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