Just leaving - Backpacking through Central America

Just leaving - Backpacking through Central America

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It is everybody Is dream to escape normal life, leave everything behind, enjoy life at its best and go and see the whole wide world. Many restless wanderers are heading for Asia, Australia or the US. Doing the same things everybody else does... that has never been my kind of thing! After spending two years of my life in Tenerife and another year in MAcxico working as a tourist guide, I simply knew where I wanted to go: Starting in MAcxico then heading south, retracing the footsteps of the Mayas and Conquistadores but also getting to know the ordinary people living in a region still suffering from the aftermath of many civil wars taking place only recently. The decision to take a one-year-break from everything was not very hard for me. I was 25 years old, had saved some money and there was no flat or car to sell back in Germany. Even the years before I had always lived out of my suitcase, although it had been work then and it is going to be an adventure now. Starting from CancAon/MAcxico, I embraced my life as a backpacker after paying my friends another visit. I had booked my language course and voluntary job in Guatemala even before I went on the trip. I am firmly convinced that you have to give something back to the people who are always so welcoming. No empty promises but good deeds a€“ that is what it takes! My trip took me along the Panamericana Route to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and PanamAi, where I finally departed to Colombia on a sailing boat... that was an adventure in itself! Before and during the trip I was searching for good travelogues, however, it was always hard to find really helpful ones. The quality of travelogues varies significantly. And as there are so many of them, the research takes a significant amount of time. That is why I decided to include not only funny and entertaining stories but also an extensive collection of useful information and facts that I came across while being on the tripFrom Mexico to Colombia Jan Richter. convincing, so that the manual data input did not cause any problems it only meant more work for the customs officers. After about an hour ... According to the LonelyPlanet there are several lagoons on the way to the waterfall El Cielo (one hour away), where you could refresh yourself.

Title:Just leaving - Backpacking through Central America
Author:Jan Richter
Publisher:epubli - 2014-03-25


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